Rolex replica presents new watch collection at Baselworld 2018

For the watch fanatics among us, Baselworld is one of the best weeks of the year. Baselworld is the largest watch fair in the world and is held annually in Basel, Switzerland. What makes Baselworld special is that brands like Rolex often choose to present their latest watch replica watches collections here. At the prestigious watch fair, Rolex replica presented five new models, including two Rolex GMT Masters, two Datejusts, a Daytona and finally a Deepsea. New collection of Rolex GMT masters. The Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II gets a timepiece completely new and is back in our favorite colors, namely “The Pepsi” or blue with red. Rolex will also launch two more versions of the GMT master. Rolex uses Everose gold for the master GMT for the first time, previously using this material for the Yacht-Master and Day-Date collections, among others. The second edition is a GMT master watch that will be available in an Everose Rolescor version, using a combination of Everose gold and Oystersteel.

New Rolex Datejust collection. A redesigned Datejust will also be sold in 2018 and not one, but two. In addition to a Datejust 31 version on the replica watch market, a Datejust 36 version will also be introduced. The Datejust 36 comes with a revamped case and strap, also the Datejust 36 will be equipped with a cool progressive timepiece. The Datejust 31 edition will also receive a new case. New Daytona collection. A new watch will also be added to the Daytona collection.

The Daytona again comes with a rainbow-colored bezel. The bezel is made up of 36 baguette-cut sapphires in rainbow colors and the case is decorated with 56 brilliant-cut diamonds. The rest of the Rolex Daytona watch will be made of everose gold. If you ask us: a truly replica omega remarkable look. New Deepsea collection. The Rolex Deepsea gets a new case with a wider strap with a special safety clasp. Not a useless luxury with a watch whose selling prices are now around 13,999 euros. The Rolex professional diving watch will be equipped with the flagship 3235 movement and will be able to reach a depth of up to four kilometers.